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A week-old noob reaching out


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I've been playing SL for a little over a week now and so far all I've been doing is shop and customize my avatar as much as I could. Exploring is something I'd like to get into but haven't got the chance - mostly because I'm not sure where to start.

Suffice to say, I'm ready to move on to other things.

What I like to do in SL:

  1. Customize my avatar.
  2. Scout for free/gift items.
  3. Chat/Hangout.

What I'm looking for:

  1. Someone to start exploring with (an SL friend, basically).
  2. Anyone who's patient enough for noob questions and a noob in general.
  3. (Probably optional, but it's something I'm considering for the near future) A guide to SL jobs, job-seeking, and job-related activities.

I guess that's it, lol. I'm also open to casual convo if that's something you're into. Thanks for reading! :heart:

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One of my favorite ways to explore SL, especially if I'm bored, is to put words into Search & go to some of the places that show up. Do you like Game of Thrones? Then put the word "Thrones" in search to find GoT roleplay sims, some of which of great reproductions. If you like Star Trek, put "Trek" into Search. (Don't use small common words like "the" or  "of", since the inworld Search engine is incapable of dealing with them.)  Most roleplay sims let you explore if you wear their Out of Character (OOC) floating text object.  When you're deciding if you want to go somewhere, calling up the About info for a place & looking at it on the map will show you if it's currently populated. More green dots = more people.

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I'm a bigger noob than you are, having only had Second Life for a day or 2 and I think finding someone that I'm able to explore it with would be good! Seeing as I'm not really sure on how alot of things work. But I think working things out together would be fun :D Not sure how the adding of new friends go but please add me, it would be nice thanks :)

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