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Mesh Head

Tzunny Nagy

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How do you can edit a topic and/or close it if do not need it anymore?

I'm still looking for someone to create or help me put together a Bento head which to look with someone i want. 

Someone from this forum contacted me at the start of the year & after i paid in advance for half of the work and after i had to wait months to be delivered but it did not happened.

I just filled fraud scammer abuse for that person. It made me waste time & money and is sad that there is no way on this forum to verify the accounts to not allow scammers be part of it!


Anyway, i tested a bunch of demo's bento heads, some might work for what i need some not, with proper skins.

BUT, if you are interested into this work, send me a private message and we talk more details.

I could use someone which know how to work better than me with bento heads & make it look the way i want it to be even if is not 100%.  I think it's much easier this way to work with existing products than finding someone who say that can create the head for me, it need money in advance but the work is never delivered... been there done that sadly.


Have a good day!


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