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Seeking Roommate!

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Interested? I have a few rooms available for a roommate!

As you can see, my place is fully furnished including a working television (a second one in storage), radio, and swimming and watercraft huds. There's a bathroom with bathtub, large kitchen with oven, stove, sink and working cabnits included with three large bedrooms and patio leading out to one.
you can furnish your bedroom and all that snazzy stuff, and if you don't own any furniture I'd be happy to furnish it for you. Any gender or species is allowed to join as I am a furry female. Only requirement is that I have to get along with you! Feel free to **bleep** as much as you'd like with anyone you'd like... As long as I don't have to see or hear it. Which, seems rather fair.  Visitors are allowed and parties must be accepted by me, however my place does have a policy that only 20 avatars at the most can be here. Lag reasons and whatnot. You may have pets, breedable and non but be aware I have a nonbreedable KittyCatS cat in the house.

I do need rent from you! 300L$ Each week (and negotiable)


IM me inworld for a vieiwing of my place, meeting, negotiation on rent, and all that other 'fun stuff'. CanisMercy Resident.


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Renting in SL seldom works like you describe above. One either rents a parcel (sometimes a quarter region) or a small house, appartment or skybox. The person who "owns" the land decides whether renters can have pets and other limitations. Often they don't allow breedables, because they create too much lag.

Have you tried using the inworld Search to search for rental property? When you rent in SL, there are so many different kinds of places, & it's easy to move when you want to try a new one. One common sense rule is not to pay for more than a month or 2 in advanced, because the landlord might move & take your money, but if you're only paying a month in advance, then that's not enough to worry about it.

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