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Can't post photos for the last two weeks....

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Hmm the fix in the QuickGraphics viewer is working fine for me - I'm on Windows 7.

Check if you can post images to your feed using an alt on the QuickGraphics viewer - if it works on an alt then there may be something wrong with the affected accounts profile/feed that needs to be fixed, inwhich case the best thing to do is to submit a support case.

If it also fails on an alt on the QuickGraphics viewer then I would file a JIRA issue to report a possible bug.

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Guenevere Amaranth wrote:

I installed this, but still have the same problem.

What image size are you trying to upload? I've noticed if I choose the highest resolution int eh dropdown menu (1024x768) uplaods usually fail but if I go down to 800x600 they work jsut fine.

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The problem is fixed!! *fingers crossed*

I needed to completely uninstall SL past versions and related files to make the new version work properly, but it did finally install the updated version

The issue was that the new files were NOT completely overwriting the old, most importantly, refusing to update/overwrite secondlifeviewer.exe

Once I cleared all previous versions out and did a brand-new install, worked fine. (I'm on Windows 10, if anyone else has similar issues)

Thanks for all the help!!


*~ Guen

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