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Welcome to the Moulin Rouge Island!

We are a small but vibrant island community with a wonderful theatre, gardens, residential district and popular monuments and a café to explore. We have friendly staff, residents, and visitors on a mature residential, class 5, role-play sim.

Pricing for Townhouse Rentals:
1000L monthly unfurnished, 100 prims your own
800L monthly furnished, 50 prims your own
500L monthly furnished, 0 prims your own

Pricing for Parcels:
Moulin Mansion - $2000L/week for 1000 prims of your own
Beach Corner Lot - $750/week for 375 prims of your own

*we will work with you if you need additional prims/to change out furnishings, textures, etc. or if any other special accommodations.

**For all questions regarding land please IM Xanthia Lisle or Kingston Martian**


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