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Homesteads - $6700L a week tier - Your Sim Your Rules

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Come with the company that has been in SL for Nearly a Decade and clients that have been with us from day one!
Buy for $6,500L - Includes first week tier

$6,700L weekly tier paying week to week

Want to run YOUR land YOUR way?
Build how you want?
Run a business as you see fit?
Want no restrictions?
Want to make the rules yourself?

You found the place! Regent Estates has always believed 'Your Sim, Your Rules'.

Our stand alone homesteads allow you the freedom to enjoy your Second Life, your way.
  Find your very own oasis today
* Buy the land and your first week tier is included in that purchase.
* No premium account needed.
* 24 hour service guarantee
* Residential or Light Commercial
* Full Estate Manager rights
* Control Estate Bans
* Restart the sim and back door script controls
* Full terraforming and texture change rights
* Control teleporting access
* Covenant control
* Change the rating to fit your needs
* Stand alone, no other sims to interfere
* Free Terrain Files available
* All tier based on weekly payments unless otherwise arranged
* Payment options to fit your needs

Regent Estates is a real world business providing real world support
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$6,700L weekly tier paying week to week



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