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I am gettng a teapot failure when I try to go to the link that I was sent



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Talking this over with my partner, she immediately thought 'teleport', not 'teapot'! Makes sense to me, and I'm going to go with that.

If your viewer open in Basic mode, where you don't have an inventory or anything, log out, change to 'Advanced' on the login screen and log in. Then on the Me menu, in preferences->Advanced check the option to show the 'Advanced' and 'Develop' menu. In the develop menu, deselect HTTP Textures. That should help with teleports.

If it does not help, try detaching all prim attachments shown with an orange box in the Wearing tab of the Outfits sidebar pane. They might contain scripts (for resizing and/or re-textureing) which, if you are wearing to many, will often cause teleport failures. You can attach these one by one after to figure out which one is giving issues.

If I'm wrong about this, please give us more info.

- Luc -

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