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What recourse can I take with a vendor who failed to support her product?

Vick Auggers


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Please do not post script-requests in the scripting forums, they are for discussing how to write scirpts yourself, not for getting other people to do it.

Anyone who wants to buy a script or hire a scripter to do work for them should, instead, post to Commerce > Wanted and/or Commerce > In-world Employment.


@ Peewee - or I'll come and smash or your windows (or whatever the current comedy threat is) 8~0

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LOL Peter, you know you love scripting requests really hehe :D

It sounded to me like the OP could have a script that is "nearly done" & had hired a scripter that was in over their head and couldn`t fix it. So rather than wasting 4K on a bad deal, a better scripter may be able to see what was wrong with the script. I know u guys often play spot the mistake over there hehe :P

But yeah if he had no script at all I wouldn`t suggest going that forum to hire a scripter to write one.

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Good point Peewee.

@OP - as Peewee says we do try to suggest how scripts can be fixed or improved, up to and including posting solutions sometimes. In general, however, that's only for people who are comfortable editing their own scripts to implement the changes we post.


Scripting is programming, so trying to do it at a step removed is like the worst game of Chinese Whispers you've ever imagined.

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