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Tiny Destinations?

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Been using in-game places search, as well as google, but having difficulty finding tiny avatar destinations. I'm really looking for dedicated tiny destinations, not normal avatar friendly. I came across the shire, but it seems mixed for both tiny and normal avatars. A win-win would be a fantasy kingdom sim, castles, knights and all that, and were everything is wee-tiny, no room for full-size avatars. But I'd like some suggested destinations, whatever the theme, if there are any tiny destinations. Thanks :)

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TWR poster.pngI can only comment about SL Sailing, not other aspects of Tiny existence. :smileyhappy:

However, this weekend (Saturday, April 16) there's a day-long sailing regatta for Tinies at Triumphal Yacht Club. Stop by for non-stop free boats, races, cruises, and tunes played by live DJ's. It's going to be the biggest... errr I mean the tiniest... sailing event of April!

Speaking of Tiny sailors, Beejee Boucher hosts SLOOTERS Club (not Hooters! :smileyhappy:) (Beejee is wagging his tail in the poster to the Right)

SLOOTERS is only for Tinies; it's pretty outrageous, it's very, very funny, and it's located on the shores of Vuissant sim in GAETA. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vuissant/67/12/23

If you want more info on TINY WORLD REGATTA, go here.
For a video of a recent SLOOTERS party, go


[PS: Blondin, Michael? At some point GAETA could use a Linden sailboat raceline. Something that supports the Tinies in Vuissant could be used by the whole continent there, independent of sailor-size. A raceline near Vuissant would also serve as a unique magnet to draw Tiny sailors from all over the grid.]

(just my thought)


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