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Replacing llSetText with llWhisper


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I don't like cluttering the screen with hovering text, so I crudely modified this script by commenting out the llSetText bits. I would like to replace those with llWhisper, though. How do I do it?

Here's the part of the script (from Teddy Wishbringer's multipose script) that I think I have to change:

       new_animation_name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION,inventory_number);
       // Update the floating text to display new animation, and the number out of total available
       float_text = base_float_text + new_animation_name + "\n(" + (string)(animation_current + 1) + " of " + (string)animation_qty + ")";
       //llSetText(float_text, color_float_text,alpha_float_text);


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What Innula says, but bearing in mind that llInstantMessage() is very slow (roll on llTargetSay()!), however it's by far the least spammy method as it only sends messages to a particular avatar.

llOwnerSay() meanwhile has no delay, but only sends messages to the object's owner, but in cases where that's exactly what you want to do then it's a huge improvement.

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