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Frustrating as it is, Griffin is right. You simply have to be patient. LL works in mysterious ways, and handling of tickets can sometimes take loooooong time. I think they have managed to get the times down a bit lately, though, so perhaps you get an answer in not too long a time.

- Luc -

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As someone living with my partner in both worlds in SL too, i feel your pain.

Sadly only thing you can do, is to wait. I have to say, Linden isnt the fastest in working their tickets, so i guess, only persistence and strong nerves help here.


"Send avatar list & passport copy" sound s a bit like, they want to make sure, its you behind your AV, and the account is not compromised by someone knowing your password, and maybe using the account for nefarious stuff.


Heads up, at least you have skype (its for my wife & me very important too).


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