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How can I hide my username from over my avatar?

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My avatar has both my display name and username over its head. How do I hide the username? Knowledge base gave instructions

Showing or hiding usernames

To show or hide usernames inworld, both over all avatars and in chat:

  1. Log into Second Life.
  2. Choose Me > Preferences from the top menu.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Select the Usernames checkbox. If the box is checked, usernames are shown. If the box is not checked, usernames are hidden.
  5. Click OK.

My viewer does not have a top menu!!  I have tried EVERYTHING!! Going insane! I am a new user and this really sucks.

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Welcome to Second Life!

Ah. Right. You are in Basic mode. LL changed the viewer lately, giving the option of a Basic and an Advanced mode. The knowledge base is not updated by the looks of it.

Close the viewer if you are in it. Start it up again, and on the login screen, select Advanced from the drop down menu next to the Login button. After you log in, you should have both a menu bar, sidebar, and a lot more you've been missing.

Good Luck!

- Luc -

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  • Lindens

In light of questions like this, I'll ask Documentation Team, who takes care of the Knowledge Base, if they have plans to highlight the difference between Basic and Advanced modes on the front of the KB. Or if we can do that more prominently across all of community.secondlife.com, since it's relevant in these help forums too. Ever since we introduced Basic mode, it's been a a super-important thing for you new Residents to know upfront. :)

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