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Why is this Forum so lonely?

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I guess it depends what aim it has.  Clearly posting events with a view to advertising on a forum would be pointless as there is an event calendar so I guess it is just event related issues/info/blah blah.

I have no issues that can conceivably be resolved, I list my events monthly so have to post 5 at a time due to the spam guard assuming if I post a whole month I am the spawn of satan, but it is a necessary evil I suppose.  The word filter is a bit hardcore but I understand why they feel the need for one.  None of it is a huge trauma for me.

Overall traffic fluctuates at events from none to raining folks for me personally, and I gave up worrying about the numbers years ago.

Maybe the people who run events don't read the forums?  Or they have very little to say?  I have noticed that spammers aside, there does not seem a vast amount of activity on many of the boards, or maybe it is just better organised.


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