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Does muting a user stop them sending me objects - please help -

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Please help

I have posted this before but I am posting again for help,

for 2 uears a user has been spamming me by having an object IM me, I have gone to there store and tried to mute every server thing I could possibly see in there sky box to prevent the spam but to no luck.

What I need to know is if muting them will stop their objects messaging me...

I really don't believe I should have to mute someone to avoid being spammed, and I wish muting objects could be done when they sent you the annoying popup box. (maybe it does on the newer viewers its been a while since I updated)

SIGH, at my ends :( thanks if someone can let me know. I have not muted anyone in a very, very long time.


PS: hope this ended up in the right forum :\

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That sounds like the one that spams me from a skybox, sending free gifts over and over, a different one every few mins. The person that owns it left SL a couple of years ago & I went to his "closing down sale" where he had all his stuff free, so I guess thats where it got my name.

Muting it does stop the spam & because its a scripted vendor the stuff doesn`t go to your trash either. I have tried unmuting every few months to see if its still going and it is LOL :D

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Some merchants really overdo the direct marketing. 

Merchants, if the person did not specifically sign up to get updates on products, leave them alone. If it's a product they bought, of course, send updates or notices about similar products maybe. But don't spam everyone who visits your store.

And if they do sign up for ads and notices, include instructions on unsubscribing in every notice or note card. Otherwise it is just spam. Even email ads have to do this by law. Or they are considered spam. The same rules apply to phoning someone repeatedly about products. It is legal if they are an existing customer.

Although it may not be against TOS please use common sense rather than alienating your (potential) customers. I've seen shops who put in their land covenant that any visitor implicitly agrees to be spammed (of course they say it another way) simply by being there. That isn't an agreement that is coersion. Let them click to join a list - or leave them alone.



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