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Hanging paintings



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Actually, the rotation tool is quite easy to use once you learn the trick and practice a little bit.

1. Select a picture.

2. Hold down the CTRL key (This will put you in rotation mode and will highlight the three rotation circles)

3. Still holding the CTRL key down, click and hold on the horizontal (blue) circle. As soon as you do this, the other two circles will disappear and you will also see a new, white circle that has tick marks around it.  Some of those marks are labelled East, South, North, West.

4. (Here's the trick) Move your mouse cursor away from your picture and outside that new white circle. When you do that, any rotation that you make will  snap to one of those tick marks.  If your wall is like 99% of the walls in SL, it is aligned with north, south, east, or west, so you can snap to the correct rotation instantly.

With just a little practice, you can do this in one fluid (two-handed) motion, almost with your eyes closed.  And you'll get it right every single time.  :smileywink:

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