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AmethystMoon Chant

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Hey guys, 

I've created a group called Second Life Guides. And basically this is the group description. 

Second Life Guides is a group of well trained volunteers  who specialize in helping new members feel welcomed. They will assist new second life residents in any way they possibly can.This group is not  a job, but rather something we do because we feel it is right for all to be equally treated with kindness & respect.


If you are interested, please complete these 5 basic questions located on this site. http://virtuallyrandomtv.weebly.com/become-a-second-life-guide.html


More information will be available there. 


2. Attend Orientations (if accepted)

3. Earn your SLG T-shirt that you will wear while on duty.

4. Only 4 hours required of you anyway you'd like to distribute it each week.

5. Earn different Levels in guiding & gain different SLG Apparel. 


IM AmethystMoon Chant in Second Life if interested, We would really appreciate you. Thanks! <3

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I wouldn't be interested in propogating viewer 2 when there are better options out there.  I almost exlusively have told new SL residents to download a TPV and primarily of those phoenix.  When Firestorm is a full release I will be asking them to download it.   After 8 years of development I find it very disappointing that SL has yet to release a viewer client that supports multicore processors.  I can't in good conscience support that.  At least the TPV teams try.  No, I wouldn't be willing to direct them to a page that continues them down a destructive path in my opinion.  I am glad to see people out there wanting to guide new people, I prefer to do it in a way that will make SL easier not just for them but for everyone involved.

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