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Beta viewer 2.6.3 (226640): fixed camera position in edit mode - unable to edit physics

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just a thought... do you have Automatic position for: Appearance checked in the (ctrl+p) Preferences, Move & View, tab?

toggling that should help

whoops, I misunderstood the meaning.... you meant the static pose.... yeah they probably needs to be an unlock or test animation setting for that if those can only be edited from appearance.

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Void Singer wrote:

does it allow you to play anims with it unchecked? Honestly it's the only one I've kept checked all the time back to viewer 1.2

I haven't played with avatar physics, because I just don't have a need/want on my avs (not enough there to bounce anyways)

Yes it does. I think it should default off since things are so much easier that way.


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