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Look forward to llRegionSayTo()

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Since the mention of llRegionSayTo was brought up in the last meeting I can;t wait. What I do wonder is this a secure way to send data to another prim granted the person does not have mod right to edit the prim recieving data.  Or will there be some debug mode that allow the person to see messages sent on certian channels.

The great thing about this is it seems like it should be faster server side. The server should not have to build a list to see distance from a prim or what scripts are on certain channel. Just lookup prim by ID that is it?

It is still being developed so this may all be changed. but I now see many great aplications for it.

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llRegionSayTo() is now available on the "BlueSteel" RC channel.   The specs are up on the LSL wiki.  Please file jira bug reports if you see any problems.

There isn't really any performance improvement over regular chat types like llSay().  The messages use the same dispatch mechansim so that they are processed in the correct order.

There isn't any special debug mode to detect these messages, so you'll have to echo them to channel zero or use llOwnerSay() in your scripts to relay traffic.

We believe the biggest advantage will be direct, secure messaging between objects, eliminating the need to encrypt data.  It may also reduce some object-to-avatar chatter sent on channel zero.



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