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i cant login

akasha Woodrunner


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This has nothing to do with being banned or your account held. Grid status does not mention any login issues so it's likely your your firewall/anti-virus software is blocking access to Second Life. This could be a fire wall you've installed or Windows firewall if it is activated.

Here's some advice from Linden Lab:



If Windows firewall, this advice from Microsoft:

Open a port in Windows Firewall

If you still face the same problem, try flushing your computer's DNS cache.
Open command prompt to do so:

1. Go to start and type cmd.
2. Right-click on cmd, right-click on cmd from the programs list and select “Run as administrator”/
3. Type ipconfig /flushdns.
A message will appear saying that your DNS cache is cleared. Start Second Life. It should run fine this time.
4.  Type ipconfig /registerdns
This command refreshes all DHCP address leases and registers all related DNS names configured and used by the client computer.

A problem at your Internet Service Provider's routing servers may also block your access to specific places like Second Life. Check if they have any known issues.


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