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Illusionz Nightclub Manager in search of DJs

Chuck Spargel

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Illusionz Nightclub at Port Morgan sim is looking for hardworking DJs. If your looking for an opportunity that could blossom into something more in the future then you might want to check out what Illusionz has to offer. Illusionz Nightclub is set in a classy environment set for those who are looking for the good virtual life in SL.

Professional Positions Needed - experience and reliability are a must have. Those with no experience do not apply...we will know the first week if you do not have the experience. This position will provide an apartment during your employment with Illusionz Nightclub after your first week trial.


  • DJ - Responsibility for providing entertainment in the club on a scheduled basis. Starting pay L$200/hr (6 hours a week required) + 100% tips + apartment. Good for the right experienced employee. The apartment is set in a really nice classy area of Port Morgan. Illusionz grows and the opportunity for you to grow falls right in line. First week will determine if your the right fit. If so then apartment will be provided.

For those wanting to get a start in DJing we will work with you but we need people that are reliable for these positions. While learning your job you will be at a lower pay until you get experienced enough for professional wages. A lot depends on how reliable anyone is for this position.

We heavily advertise the events that take place throughout the month so your guaranteed a big crowd, but it is every employees responsibility to help retain those who come to visit our club. Those who work hard will be compensated accordingly.

If you think you fit in to what Illusionz Nightclub is looking for then visit the Clubhub Job Agency, the Illusionz Nightlub job kiosk, or contact Caramel Winterwolf - Manager of the Illusionz Nightclub.

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