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Second Life Day of Remembrance 2011

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Second Life Day of Remembrance 2011 sponsored by Remembering Our Friends Memorial

What: The day in Second Life dedicated to Remembering those that have passed away.

When: Sunday April 17th (this Sunday)Time:   9:00am slt :

Opening ceremonies & speakers: Mike Burleigh, Nissa Rewell & Rica Richez.Tessie Teebrook

10:00am slt- Bones Writer 11:00amslt: Kitzie Lane 12:00pm slt Mamaa Saiz 1:00pmslt Paul Nowles  2:00pmslt Caoilte Skytower  3:00pmslt Yaro Pinion 4:00pmslt Wytchwhisper Sadofsky  5:00pmslt Chapman Zane  6:00pmslt KevinMThomas Carpool  7:00pmslt  EricSteffensen Mistwalker  8:00pmslt Grif Bamaisin  9:00pmslt Ichie Kamachi        


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