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AO troubleshooting


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so In have a new male avatar, and im trying to get my new AO working, but when I atach it, my HUD just sits there, says its on, but dose nothing, any ideas?


Sorry if this is in the wrong sub form :mansad:




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Hi, here are a few possibilities.

  • If you are on a no scripts area, the AO will not start until move out of it. Most AOs will then keep running after it you get them started. THe no script zone usually only works to 50 meters above the ground, so a quick flight up to the cloud layer will be enough.
  • The scripts could be in a confused state. Most AOs have a menu button, click that and look for a Reset option on the dialog. Press that and see if that helps.
  • Many AOs offered to new residents, and even some for sale, are missing their animations after a crackdown on stolen content. If you bought or received one of these, it won't animate your avatar, but there will be much error message spam that you will only see if you turned on script errors in your viewer preferences. Right click on the AO, edit it, and look in the contents tab, and see if there are animations in there. If there are only one or two, or none at all, you may have one of the dead ones.
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