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Problems with my inventory.



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Hi Dida,

Try logging in on a different viewer http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory then go back to Truth`s shop and see what happens when you try to buy the free demos again.

If they work and go to your inventory, contact Truth and send him a copy of transactions for the 2 items that you paid for and ask for a replacement.

As for the other item on your list, that is a payment to solotemiro & not an object sale so I don`t know what that one is about but if you do get your inventory to work on another viewer you can contact him too if necessary.

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Helo Dida,

This is a support network resident is not supporting Linden.
We think, try it with our knowledge of Second Life to help you find solutions to problems we have (residents), we can solve with a little knowledge.
In cases of bug, losses and damages caused by system failures, please contact support from Linden Lab

Try what others have indicated here. Visit the Second Life viewer directly from a third partner, keep the viewer up to date with the latest version.
If none of that to serve, make a case here.

The support of Linden Lab will be able to give accurate information about the problem.


See more About Lost Inventory

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