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Looking for Exclusive products and Services and Locations !!

MacMan Gynoid

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Hi All - This is my first post here so I hope it's okay with what I'm requesting -- This is very legitimate....

I need a way to drive some traffic into the sims that I have stores on - I seem to find places that are not high traffic, or barely zero traffic near my stores....

I run a couple of SL Groups. The Sales Corner LLC SL FREE (Free Group) and TSC Sales, Marketing and Advertising ($5L to join.... The Sales Corner LLC is a Sales and Marketing business, and I often cater to people that have products that are coming out, new on the market, etc, and help give them advertising and places to promote their products without the traditional overhead costs they might incur otherwise. Sometimes I will do this for free, and sometimes I will charge a very low fee compared to what other places may charge.

So here's what I'm looking for;

1) I'm looking for exclusive only to The Sales Corner LLC deals (discounts) on your products. This is preferrable to products that are something I can resell myself and keep the profit.

2) I'm looking for people to come into my stores, and buy ad space... I typically charge 10L/wk for my ad spaces in stores, and around SL -- (You can find these available on The SL Market) (seach for MacMan Gynoid)

3) I'm looking for people to present me products that I can put into my store, which you sell there and give me a small consignment fee for the using of the space....(this is not subletting...) this is you joining the group, and rezzing your product on my shelf space for people to buy ...

4) I'm looking for additional places to set up a store, either at a discount vs the standard cost on your sim...or for free, with free advertising for your products or sim in my additional locations....

I'd be curious on feedback....

You can get a notecard off the market with my store locations currently; (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Sales-Corner-Group-Store-Locations/2129990)

Store Link for MacMan Gynoid - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=MacMan+Gynoid



(Eventually I'll be moving into Adult themed areas....however for now, please keep this in mind for only General - Moderate areas and content ...)






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Another note --- For those of you that would like to see the RL presence -- You can find the websites of use ---





(I am not looking for traffic to the websites....they are resources for those of you with business models in and out of SL.)


Regards Matt Geier (AKA MacMan Gynoid)

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I understand that you business is legitimate -- so are those of all the rest of the merchants in this forum. And we would ALL love to post ads for our products and services here. However, we are not allowed to advertise our businesses here, except in our signature links or banners. So we don't.


Here is the guideline:


  • Spamming, Solicitation and Advertising: Spamming is not allowed. This includes aggressive self-promotion. No advertising or promotion of specific Second Life merchants, Marketplace listings, products, or services, unless the forum area is specifically for the buying or selling of Second Life products or services, for example, a “for sale” or “wanted” forum. Do not reference other websites offering any product or service.
Note: It is OK to have a signature line with a link to your Second Life profile or information about your Second Life business."
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Sure .. it's a new Automatic Tracking Sale Delivery system.

As soon as a customer comes anywhere near your store, it automatically starts tracking them and checking their current L$ account balance. Once it's cracked their "wallet" open, it begins matching products you have for sale with the amount of L$ in their account, and automatically debiting them for your most expensive items they can afford. It continues checking their balance and selling them your products until they can no longer afford anything you have .. then it delivers them home.

There ya go! Automatic Tracking Sale Delivery System. Ta-DAH! Only L$999,999 per month subscription from Marketplace.

LOL (Just kidding folks .. I couldn't resist)

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Pamela Galli wrote:

Wow well worth the price just to have something that reliably delivers something somewhere!


Ohhh .. you want it to actually DELIVER the products it sells them? Hmmm .. that'll take some time. I hadn't counted on actually delivering products, just taking their money.


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