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Copying root inventory item into child prim.

Mila Edelman

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I'm a programmer in Life #1, so LSL is just another language to me. However, I am apparently not using the correct phrasing to look for the particular function to accomplish what I want. I figure SOMEONE here has to know.

Say I have a root prim. It's got Photo-A and Photo-B as inventory items, plus a script. What I need the script to do is put copies of Photo-A and Photo-B into each child prim's inventory.

I have several business-related scripts that do this, but they're all no-mod, so I can't pick them apart to find the snippet/function I want, and utilize it the way I'd like. These particular final scripts don't do anything related to what I'm currently writing for myself (as many of you know, I often write tools to automate things I don't feel like doing), else I'd just use them. I just need to know what that particular function (or set of functions) is.

Can someone point me in the correct direction? On LSLWiki.net, or?

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