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"Folk Factory" Private Full Region


FOLK FACTORY Private Full Region (M) hosts 1/4 parcels for sale for residential and commercial use. Activities aimed at daily or weekly events are not allowed.

This Region offers the most flexibility and privacy to support your Second Life needs and the Estate Owner uses every means for ensuring low lag and the highest performance of the SIMulator.

Purchasing a parcel on this region means be a Landowner with full rights.
You can managing options of the About Land menu's Tab, terraforming, landscaping, building, subdivide your land, deed it to your group, sub-rent it and do whatever you want in compliance with covenant.

Folk Factory Monthly Tier based exactly on the Official Linden Lab Price List!

Means that you will pay the same price that the Estate Owner pays... but any set-up fee for purchase is required and you do not need Premium Account to become Landowner!!!

The Full Regions have 65,536 sqm  with 15,000 prims and Maintenance Fee (monthly) to Linden Labs is 295 USD.
So monthly tier for Folk Factory parcels is the follow:

  • 1/2 FULL REGION (32,768 sqm / 7,500 prims): 147,50 USD or 38,415 L$
  • 1/4 FULL REGION (16,384 sqm / 3,750 prims): 73,75 USD or 19,200 L$
  • 1/8 FULL REGION (8,192 sqm / 1,875 prims): 36,88 USD or 9,600 L$

If you are interested, contact the Estate Owner (SEPHIROT VELLA) or visit "Folk Factory" in-world:


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