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Looking For Product Testers

Jodie Suisei

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JS - Design Studio's is searching for a limited selection of people to test a product before it's launched officially this summer.

I am seeking about 6 people for the following.

Testing Avatar Eyewear

One style for the time being will be issued to the testers this Is a reflection of one of the styles that will be released this summer.

I require the following feedback


  1. Any Script errors that pop up.
  2. Any issues with the notecard driven preset system (preset & vector colour tinting)
  3. To test there own combinations within the preset notecard
  4. To test there own vector colour tinting within the preset notecard (if you happen to know a colours vector assignment)
  5. Mono issues (zoning, wearing the glasses, memory issues)

Feedback of any of the above issues should be placed into a notecard and sent to me in world.

Please bear in mind this is not a style / texturing testing it's purely for finding issues with the scripts.

Please name your notecard the following.

BETA TEST - Avatar eyewear

Please include the issues you encountered in as much detail as possible and please put your avatars name inside the notecard under any issues.

I require the testers that are selected to Provide Feedback only on the topics selected above and to be thorough.

If you found an issue what exactly you did to make that issue happen so it can be thoroughly ironed out.

The testers will come on a first come first served basis, I may extend the number of testers required at a later time.

The product will be Mod, Copy, No Transfer as per it's final product state.

The selected people for the testing phase will recieve the product & relevant information notecards.

You can apply by posting your interest to me within this topic with your in world name, please do not send me in world IM's, only notecards that will be accepted are from the testers, I will contact each person selected to issue them the product.

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