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No Music

Kye Lemondrop

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hello everyone

i have viewer 2 and i cant  hear music,  its been working fine but then all sudden just stopped, when ever i log in it plays for 3 seconds then cuts off, i have spoke to linden labs about, but thay cant see wot the problem is, told me to post here.

my account is fine as i have checked it on my laptop but on my pc it wont work, i have reset my pc back to factory settings 3 times in the hope it would fix any problems but still the same, i have even tried phoneix and imbpurdance severs and still the same no music, in my pref sound options i noticed in the output the volume is not moveing like its does when im on the laptop, (this in on viewer 2) i just am lost what to do nexted does anyone have any ideas to maybe help me

im on windows 7

i have a feeling its to do with my output cos the voumle is not moveing on it


this is a pic of it i have tried other severs like i said and still no joy

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