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Linden Dollars?

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Oh... and if you actually did use the LindeX then the answer you need is in the Knowledge Base. 


Take a moment and consider:

You're asking a question which needs an answer: Post it in Answers

You're asking a question which has been asked a million times: Search the Knowledge Base.

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Yeah what shockwave said.

One time I actually had enough L$ to convert to RL cash, not a LOT but enough to pay a minor RL fee for something not SL-related.

Of course it went to paypal first, and then it took a few days IIRC to go to my check card.It is best to use a different payment method if you want your L$ in a timely manner, like less than a couple hours (or this used to be the case way back when.)


So did the OP ever get his L$?

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