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1/4 parcels?


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I'd suggest visiting some of the larger land agents to see what they've got going in the way of commercial/residential lots.

Personally, I always liked ZoHa Islands simply because they've got a gazillion sims, are a real world business, and the most professional and helpful I've come across - but there are others.

The other alternative is to pull up the world map and start scouting for land (usually coloured yellow on the map) with a price tag symbol on them if you don't want to use the in-world web search function.

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If you are premium have a look round mainland the obvious thing is to look for areas of purple or yellow which are for sale or auction, the less obvious thing is to scope out abandoned land there's loads of it if you find something you like put in a request to buy it LL seem to be pretty amenable to carving up a piece of abandoned mainland and selling it direct to someone who asks to buy it

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