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Wanted: Land with estate rights

Starrah Aeon

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I am in need of 10,000 SQM land for 3,000 Linden per week MAX. Land must have 900 to 1,000 prims and estate rights (eg: build permissions, object entry permissions, parcel media, etc)

I'll be operating an avatar equestrian area where people can come and play various equestrian games with horse avatars (like myself) such as pole bending, barrel racing, show jumping, corral rides, etc. 

If anyone has such land available, please contact me or my partner Sarona Osamaru ASAP. Thank you!

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3 hours ago, Annabell Wandsworth said:

Hintswen, Mainland can have group rights for what this person is looking for. Landa Rentals has liberal group rights for our mainland rentals. 

Yes I know that, some of my own rentals give people almost full group perms. OP specifically asked for estate rights though, and it would be wrong to tell them about a mainland rental with group rights when they ask for estate rights. I have had need for estate rights in the past for things that you cannot possibly ever do on mainland.

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