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Concierge & Mainland Support Hosts Inworld Office Hours

Theresa Linden

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The Concierge and Mainland Group meeting is a bi-weekly, public meeting intended for discussion & education of Second Life topics such as current known issues & bugs, project viewers & new features, as well as general Mainland issues.

The MonciergeLand group is for meeting updates and general discussion of the above topics only. Everyone in the group is welcome to group chat, but please be aware that only general topics will be discussed in this group and the meetings.  Any account issues or questions, any billing concerns, any specific group or land issues, or abuse related topics will not be addressed, and will be referred to live support, to file a support ticket, or abuse report.  We welcome topic suggestions.

Inworld Group: MonciergeLand

For inworld meeting dates, agenda, and location, see - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Concierge_%26_Land_User_Group


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1 hour ago, Callum Meriman said:

%26 is &

Oh, I couldn't copy it for some reason so I just hand-typed, with the last bit being Concierge_Land_User_Group, and that is why I saw an empty page, because the one I'd have got if I copy/pasted has oodles of stuff in it.  I suppose that means I get no croissants. :/   

p.s. I browse in Brave.

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13 hours ago, Theresa Linden said:

We welcome topic suggestions.

On the off chance this thread is useful for discussing potential topics, one thing I've been puzzling about is progress on the Auctions page. It's understandable that any new development can hit delays, and when the page was active for a while there were some annoying glitches (although I didn't notice any showstoppers myself). I guess my question is whether the ball is in the Land team's court now, or in the Web team's, and whether there's anything we residents can do to help, perhaps with testing of some sort.

It's not that anyone's SL experience depends on the auctions, but the prospect of resident-to-resident auctions seems pretty exciting. (Having said that, personally I don't have any immediate plans for it, but I'm eager to watch.)

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