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New To Creating In World Store



Hi! I’m new to creating a in world store. I’m a photographer/editor here on secondlife. As well artist in RL. Anyway... 

I created my store, gotten my groups, the building , my show case everything BUT. Land marking my store. Now i know how it works, the landmark to save them and rename them. But I don’t know how to make it personalized for my particular store. Or even how do i make my store to the public? 

Note: I’m renting a skybox ,is it still possible ? And if not I’d have to save my landmark infront of my store and just send that as the LM that way? . Just want to customize the information on the landmark to my store so ppl don’t become confused. 


Thank you 

KINKZ Home of MA Photography 



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Having a store on rental land can be difficult.  Contact your landlord, and ask if your skybox parcel can be re-named with the name of your store, and set to Show in Search.  Showing in search requires that the land owner pay a weekly fee of $L30 to LL, so your landlord might want to pass that cost on to you as increased rent.  The parcel description that appears when you click World/Parcel Details will be important, so work with your landlord to make it look good, and relevant to your store.  You will want your landlord to set an arrival point on your parcel, preferably at the door to your store, or the front desk, whatever makes sense for your build.  Give that same location out in your Classified ad (see below) and in a landmark giver that offers the LM to visitors on their arrival.

Many landlords won't want to put forth the effort to customize your parcel for commercial use.  In that case...move!  Consider renting store space in a mall.  Try to pick one that has lots of traffic, and a popular "anchor" store.  The mall that has Zuri's Jewelry in it is a good example (Jewels Isle).

You will also want to create a Classified ad for your store.  You do this in the Classified tab of your own Profile.  A Classified ad costs money too...you can choose the minimum, or elect to spend more for your ad.  The more you spend, the higher your store will appear in Search results.  However, I recommend you don't spend much more than the minimum.


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