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I thought it might be nice to exchange tips on using GIMP to enhance photos. I know that there are various tutorials out there on the web but SL specific ones might be useful here.

I'll start with a few screen shots showing a technique I use all the time for making colors more vibrant on otherwise "flat" photos. I selected a rather dull looking photo to start just to give you a sense of how the technique works. I learned this technique from a video I have since lost track of a couple of years ago.

First start out by adding a DUPLICATE LAYER to your rather dull shot:



Next change the new layer's MODE to OVERLAY:



From the COLORS menu select CURVES (note how dark your image looks with the top layer in overlay mode -- not to worry the next step fixes that):



Adjust the color curve as you see fit by clicking on the diagonal line and dragging it around. This affects only the color levels of the overlay layer. It may take some trial and error to find a balance that you like. But you can see how much better the original image now looks. All of the colors end up much more alive and vibrant. Make sure you click OK when you are done



. You can easily see the difference with and without the overlay by clicking on the eye icon which turns on and off each layer. If you like you can adjust the opacity of the overlay layer to moderate the changes -- less opacity means more of the original image shows through.



Well that's a simple trick to enhance photos. Anyone have other techniques to share?




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