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Best stores for male/unisex Goth/punk clothing?


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Like the title says, I'm looking for stores that sell delightfully dark clothing/accessories.  Searching both in world and  in the marketplace has left me lacking as most are either non existant or really seriously outdated. I have Maitreya +V-tech and a Male Slink body to work with.  So all suggestion, from mesh to appliers are welcome!

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The days of silence on the post are concerning.


Am I missing details? Did I accidentally wander into a wrong fourm. (if so, if a mod could politely shove this into the right one that'd be great.)


Or worse,  There is nothing out there aside from the very outdated clothing and I'm SOL?

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I'm thinking that you might get responses posting this in the "Your Avatar" section of the People forum, rather than here in the Creation forum.  I've seen discussions there where it sounded like some of the participants have similar body options as the ones that you have.  You might also take a peek in the  "How Does Your Avatar Look Today" thread under "Your Avatar" to see if you see someone wearing styles that catch your interest.  

If you want to have your post moved, I think you could report it and in the report ask for it to be moved.  (I haven't tried this myself, but I've seen it suggested by others in other threads).

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maitreya + vtech is bad - almost no content there outside some specialized stores

Try the usual suspects (participants in femboy hunt and the Something Extra genderqueer event)

some I remember:

  • Violentility (AFAIK in neither event bit also does a line called "genderpunk")
  • Sensations
  • Glutz
  • Muggleborn
  • Epicine
  • Akuma Drops
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