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Well, it's sort of both.  Have you heard about something called "OpenSim"?  OpenSim is public domain virtual world software.  With it, you can create a virtual world that's very similar to Second Life, and is accessed by third party Second Life viewers.  You can run your region (or several regions) on your local PC, and give your friends an IP address so they can visit your little world.  There are a number of virtual worlds based on OpenSim; perhaps the most notable is one called OSGrid.  Some of these mini-worlds are interconnected in a structure known as the "Hypergrid".  However, Second Life is a "closed" world, and is NOT connected to any of these other virtual worlds.

Anyway, the OpenSim software allows the creation of "megaregions", which are essentially a number of regular Second Life regions combined into a single, larger one.  This reduces the number of region crossings, which makes vehicle users very happy.  See: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Setting_Up_Mega-Regionshttp://opensimulator.org/wiki/Setting_Up_Mega-Regions

However, I have heard nothing about megaregions being implemented in SL, and I would not expect LL to do this.  My track record at predicting what LL might or might not do isn't all that great, so you're free to ignore it.

I'd post a bunch of links here, but as an exercise for the student, use "Open Simulator", "Hypergrid", "OSGrid", and "OpenSim Megaregion" as Google search terms.

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