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Im new I just started not to long ago but I would like to make like cusom avatars like animals and stuff.

If anyone no's any good site that explain how to or any programs or prity much anything about if I would realy  appreciate it. 

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Two more bulding school that you can join. Builder's Brewery and Happy Hippo.  Here a a few basic things you will need to make your own customed avatars.

1. A program for texturing - Gimp, PS, Paint, scanned doodles from colouring book...
2. A Program for sculpting - Rokuro, Tokoroten, Blender, Maya, clays
3. A decent knowledge in LSL - read from Wiki, try it inworld (note: script query of "Find '*' Where '*' = %tail go" is not going to work here... I tried!)
4. A good knowledge of your chosen viewer and its build tools
5. Good Imagination!
6. Time!!

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