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Live performances in virtual worlds

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As a real life artist, streetperformer and or  jester i find it amazing that the various organizers of various huge public events dont use our knowledge as concerns building of stages.

Virtual worlds function somehow  a little different than real worlds.

Here is my best suggestions as options when it comes to stages:


Always build 2 stages, so one group can prepare while one perform.

2: Build the stage on a separate sim and only give access to the stage performers.

Implementation of these 2 ideas will reduce performance lag.

Anyone like to talk with me feel free to IM  Yman Juran..The ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love...

Wish you all a good day...

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The idea of a separate sim just for the stage is in fact very common for mid-size audiences (large enough to matter, but not so large as to need all four sims in a corner).

I think the more specific problem, however, is the inherent mistake of trying to accomodate heavily interactive performances (with scripts, avatar physics, wardrobe changes, etc.) from the same stage as trivial impact "performances" such as panel discussions, DJs, etc., where nobody in the audience needs to know or care how lagged the performers may be.

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  • 8 months later...

well, sorry for ther delay I was expecting anyone to respond inworld...

Well as written I do live performances in reality and in virtuality and was  reflecting upon the  lack of  real consideration of how best to do a live performance in SL..so I wrote the topic....

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I have in the past attended a few of your performances In World and I want to say they are some of the best choreographed and most beautiful shows I have attended.  I highly recommend to any one who has not seen one of these performances to check it out.  My highest compliments for the work you do.

I do understand your "pain."  In practice though it might be difficult for SIM owners to accommodate you.  Not all SIM owners are able to provide multiple or adjacent SIMS as you request.  It would be awesome if they could because lag has been a problem at your shows do to high attendance.

I don't know if there are any other high traffic venues that have done this, but one of my favorites, Junkyard Blues,  reorganized their SIMS in order to split the dance floor over two SIMS  in order to reduce lag.  That was no small task.  So while it is do-able, how practical it may be is the problem.


eta, Hi cousin.  :))


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