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Live circus, acrobatic fireshows of Light, Life and Love

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On Saturday 25  1 PM slt and on Sunday 26 12 PM slt on Main Stage at SL8B

SL8B: Mainstage NW, SL8B Beguile (170, 71, 21)

Miss Yman Juran and Miss Melvin Starbrook will perform to music by Cypress Rosewood.

The show will be done with custommade equipment, such as rotating trapezes, rolling balls, tight-wire, walking elephant and various 2 and 3 avatar acrobatic animations, all spiced with firedance and "the Art of proper Poofing".

The Cosmic Magic Circus plot can be visit at : Cosmic Circus- 20, SL8B Spellbound (198, 93, 21)

where  several of the magically "magicmations" are available for free use.

Feel free to IM Yman Juran for potential shows in the future..

With Light, Life and Love....

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