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This roadside parcel is beside a newly built Linden beach road. Very unusual, a beach road, with Linden palm trees, and a rest stop complete with mailbox.


Parcel for sale is 2832 Meters, and 4000 $Lindens on Moderate land. It is flat, green land. Great to build on.

Very quiet area, good for shops or home. 

Oh and by the way, the sim name is Cheetoh - which I just love. :D

Cheetoh Roadside Land Overhead.png

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A beautiful, Linden road has just been built, with a rest stop directly across from this parcel.

The first pic shows the Linden 'rest stop,' with benches and an interactive mailbox. That is Linden road and land and will stay. Perfect place to draw attention to your shop, or to use for yourself if you build a home here.

Cheetoh Roadside Parcel 9 sm.png

It's very large, flat for building. The terrain is mostly green with some sand also, since it's a beach area. There is Linden ocean very nearby.

These 'poppy flower' screens are mine. I removed most after this pic. I can remove the rest. The square parcel behind this with the poppy screen around it can also be FOR SALE, in fact. (I own it.) I want happy campers. :)

cheetoh roadside for sale 2 sm.png

The red between it and the road is protected Linden land. 

cheetoh roadside for sale 1 sm.png

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