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How do I change the color of the ground (mainland) on my site?

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There is no parcel-level control of terrain textures. It is controlled sim-wide. On the Mainland, LL never changes those textures once a sim is placed into service, so you can't get the real terrain texture changed.

It is possible however to put a "skin" of textured prims over your terrain, and texture them with terrain-like textures. All the terrain textures that LL uses are in the Library section of your inventory.

If the ground is very flat, this is fairly easy with just a few prims, and a lot of people do this to have a nice flat "lawn" on their property, regardless of what the sim terrain textures look like.

If you want to appear to texture non-flat terrain just in one parcel, you can use multiple prims, or else there's at least one product on SL Marketplace that will scan the terrain in your parcel, and give you a sculpted prim 'skin' that you can texture and place over your land, simulating the ability to texture the terrain in just your parcel.

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