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Max of 6 texture for worn objects?

DanielRavenNest Noe

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I'm continuing to test things with the new asset format and have run into a strange problem.  I want to see if anyone else sees the same thing I am seeing:

- Create an object with 8 textures (surfaces with different ID's).  The simplest is a 6-sided column with top and bottom.  Upload it, and assign different textures to all 8 sides.  Now wear it, and at least for me, two of the textures vanish.

- I tried this with a simple prism, which was not rigged, and also a full body avatar, which *was* rigged, and used to work before the asset format change (it has 8 texture surfaces assigned).  In both cases I lose two textures when it is worn.  When rezzed on the groun, both will show all 8 textures.

* I have sent copies of both models and a note and snapshot to davep (runitai.linden).  If the problem is confirmed as not just happening to me, then I would file a JIRA in additon.

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