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Uploading to YouTube

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Hi :)

So I experimented with making my first video and now I am completely baffled as how to upload it to youtube so that I can post it here.

I tried reading the youtube forums and now I am more confused.

My video is AVI format. When I try to upload it to youtube it sits at 0% uploaded forever. 

I have tried a video that is under 2GB and also one that was over 2GB with the advanced uploader. 

Same results.


Thank you :)

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Thanks, Marigold :)

How long is a long time, and also, did I read somewhere that because of the compression of the AVI file that quality of playback in youtube suffers? 

Hi, Janelle, I tried chrome and IE9, both sat at 0 :( any recommended browser?

Mr. Melville, thanks for the lessons! I got stuck at gate 2 but I am downloading Movie Maker now :)

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The one time it happened to me I was using Chrome.  I switched to Firefox and sent it up moments later without issue.

The next question is; how large is the avi file? (if it's a *huge* file, depending on your connection it might be a long time before you'll see 1%...)

Try speedtest.net to get an idea of your download/upload speeds and let us know the result?

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I actually tried speedtest the other day, here were my results:

80ms 15.1 download .37 upload

81        7.5                      .37

77        8.86                    .37

I did it three times for an average. Don't know why the first reading was so high, but the upload speed are constant. Are these readings average? Oh and I did them from me to San Fran.

as to how large is the file, I tried under 2 GB and over 2 under 3 as well.

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I fully expect one of the more technical forumites to come along and correct me, but I'm estimating your upload connection might send an average 50 meg file to YouTube in about 8-12 minutes.  Or so.  :smileywink:

Now, if you're not sure about the size, how long (in minutes) is the avi file in question?  If it's an uncompressed avi format, it could be very, very large and take a long, long, long time to upload in any case.

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Oh hi. I am not unsure about the size. I tried different sizes, some under 2 GB in size, some larger than 2GB. Precisely, they were 2.73 GB, 596 MB, and 2.68 GB.

So at a rate of 10 minutes per 50 megs, I'm looking at approx...a long time.

I think I'll try the compressing to smaller size suggestions :D

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