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So I needed some more Lindens and i kep getting this error message "This transaction exceeds your monthly PayPal spending limits with us. You can adjust this at the Paypal site under My Account>My Profile>Pay List." basically telling me that my PayPal monthly limit needed to be raised as it was defaulted at $250 a month. Fine I thought, thats not a problem, even though finding said *My Account>My Profile>Pay List* was almost like finding the Holy Grail until i spotted this tiny tiny line of text which held the secret *Go to my OLD Profile Page* and voila! there it was..

And so raising the limit on high, i waited for my SL account to follow suit. Bills to pay, rentals to pay, business stuff to pay for.. come on LL.. get on with it.. tried it.. NOPE still the same message.. "Your monthly limit, yada yada..."

After 3 days of waiting for it to rectify itself, (Well i do have to go to work sometimes)  i am still getting this message:This transaction exceeds your monthly PayPal spending limits with us. You can adjust this at the Paypal site under My Account>My Profile>Pay List. 

So I rang the toll free support team, explained everything in length and they said i had to submit a ticket. What?

How the heck do i do that? After picking the brains of a close friend i submitted said ticket and waited again.

THis was the reply i got.


Dear Xafira Cortes,

Thank you for clarifying the issue. As a Basic account holder you are currently not entitled to this type of billing support via case. Please contact our 24/7 Billing line for assistance:


Also, be aware that the PayPal limits are set by Paypal. Here is a wiki that may help:


Thank you for contacting Linden Lab Support,


So now i'm in limbo. One dept sending me to one place and the other sending me back. I still cant buy any Lindens and my business is going down the toilet. I was thinking of buying another sim but i'm really disgusted by the lack of support and help despite all LL claims to be friendly and helpful. I've had my account for 4 years ish (2/12/2007) and i've previously owned my own sim a few years back and yet i'm being treated like this.

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Hello Xafira. If you urgently need to buy lindens, you can use one of the other acceptable Third-Party Exchanges.


The third party exchanges in the list below working with Linden lab to keep Residents safe by using the Exchange Risk API. Linden Lab tries to ensure that only high-quality resellers are listed here, but does not endorse any of these resellers and accepts no responsibility for their actions. If you have trouble with any of these resellers, please email Linden Lab and we will address your complaint with the reseller and potentially remove them from this list.

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