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SL Radio Station Needs Experienced DJs!

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SL Mix FGRadio is looking for experienced DJs, wether SL or RL experience, and not just Radio experience, can be just club to.

This is what we require for this position - 

  • Personality
  • Microphone of course, and broadcasting software (SAMs, VDJ, Nicecast)
  • Must be a team player and professional
  • Can work a minimum of 1- two hour show per week, Maximum of 5-two hour shows per week
  • Be 90 days old in-world
  • Be over 18 years of age real life
  • Must speak good English

We will give you training on using the server and stream, and help you get set up. 

You will be using the FGRadio stream, and you can play any Genre of music you like. You will create and design your own show, and will be responsible for the music you play.

FGRADIO IS A UN-CENSORED SL ONLINE RADIO STATION! Your Music is un-censored, but our DJs are professional and edgy. 

Show Times: FGRadio is a 24 hour station, you can pick up to Five, two hour shows per week.Your time slot will be permanent, (ex: 4pm slt Mon-Fri), and will be the same every shift you pick.

Pay: On Air Personality get paid weekly, 500L for five shows per week. If you work One, two hour show per week, you get, 150L, if you work two, two hour shifts, you get 250L, and so forth, this will also be discussed in your interview.
For a DJ Fill in - 125$Ls 
You also have other incentives, for example, Advertising, if you bring in a Advertiser, you can 10% of what they pay for, and this is recurring if they stay with FGRadio. 
FGRadio is fully funded by the owner Amalthea Westland, so the more advertising FGRadio gets, pay will go up every week and there will bonuses will be given out each month.

For more information, IM in world Amalthea Westland or Nilla Darkwatch, or visit FGRadio and click on the Job Application board at Landing point - 

SL Mix FGRadio


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My name is Kahyoh I am Djay Kahyoh here in Chicago IL USA

I have radio and club Dj experience I would like to apply for the SL Radio Station Position

I currently Dj for power 92.3 fm in Hammond Indiana I send all of my mixes into the station mp3 format- 

Please contact me if this position is still available

Thank you 

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