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the Uprising - Seeking Talented hosts, and Dj's

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The grand reopening of the Uprising, July 1st 2011


 the Uprising is an electronic music venue, welcoming all different forms of digital music.
Dubstep, House, Techno, - You name it? WE WANT IT HERE!!!!

Our highly approachable, friendly, and experienced staff plan to offer a unique environment to the music community.
Stress free, Drama free, and all about YOUR entertainment.  

If you are a DJ or a Host, or even a Dancer (This is a non stripping position, no emoting, no nudity) looking to work for an exciting new environment in the recently remoddeled Uprising - Please don't hesitate to contact: Meldina Ashbourne in game.  

I am available throughout the day, and would love to chat with you!
I will explain more of what we are looking for, for your chosen role and hand you a copy of the application!

Please try not to respond here, contact me in game! I would hate to miss your messages <3

Thank you for reading!
Looking forward to seeing you!

Meldina - Uprising Owner. 


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