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Looking for fellow volunteers 'anti-scam community'.

Finrod Ghennyn

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Dear reader,

I've been trying to set-up some kind of anti-scam informing website/community/paper on SL. Allot of people on SecondLife are still being scammed sometimes with a stunning big amount of money. Informing, comforting or even preventing Residents to become victim to this would be a great achievement.

As the title explains this is volunteering, there are no obligations/requirements. But I do expect you to be social and committed to the purpose. I haven't yet decided on any plan of making it happen, so I am looking for open minded, active and creative socialbirds around. I have opened tickets asking Linden Labs for support on this, but they are not willing to co-operate. Perhaps lack of interess, time or tools. We all know how buzy the Lindens are already.

Information about:

-How to set-up a riskfree business.

-Protecting your creations.

-The right process if you have fallen to content abusers/copybotters.

Allot of residents are clueless in such subjects.

Even if the anti-scamteam is a succes, the main rule will be never to accept any kind of fee/payment for the work you do. It is a free perk any resident may use.

If you have a good heart, and you are interested in taking part in such group/community please do reply. For goodness sake of the duped residents.

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