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Best perk ever added/removed to SL?

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What feature did you love to use before it got removed? Or what feature makes you obey the Lindens for adding it?


Personally, i regret the direct ingame support with the Lindens. I guess it was being spammed/flooded, but it felt more personal and safe that there was always a direct line resident-to-linden. Also small problems could be solved in a shorter time notice then tickets.

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Finrod Ghennyn wrote:

Personally, i regret the direct ingame support with the Lindens.

That help system was excellent but it wasn't always Lindens. Some of the helpers were residents who couldn't actually help when it came to doing things like removing a grossly overhanging prim.



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Last names weren't removed, they were improved, however the implementation of Display Names could be much better.

Primarily, there is no reason that both usernames and display names are shown by default. It's the same sort of baseless paranoia that kept LL from implementing alpha masking for so many years due to people crying, "but invisible avatars could be used for griefing!" If LL were truly concerned about display names b eing used improperly (and they clearly are,m seeing as how they won't let you use 'Linden; as a part of your display name) then they should have limited display names so that people could not use existing user or display names.

Second, new users need to be informed about display names from the get go. The moment they log in, setting their display name shoulkd be the first thing they're instructed to do.

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my complaint isn't against display names, that's a separate issue to me. The confusion and problems caused by the poor implementation do stack on top of that, but it wasn't my point

the problem to me is that it changes the nature and perception of resident behavior. the loss of last names has limited the first creativity that a new user to SL has access to... names are singular which limits expression, or for those that realize their last name is resident, provides only limited opportunity for cohesive expression.

the addition of the display name implementation makes that worse, by striving to be the name people are known by, yet not being stable enough to actually identify someone reliably, by depreciating the account name, even without the deceptive griefing that it enables. there are good things about it, but the implementation is horrid.

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I'd find it pretty confusing at popular locations I attend regularly if I was not able to see both display and user names. How else would I ever know that "Curvaceous Cath" that I see today bouncing on the dance floor is the same resident that has spent the last 3 years sitting at the bar and is known to me as "Colin"?

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Things i miss:

  • Script error particle on agents. Really annoying that nowdays people spam errors and don't even realise it. SCR-103
  • Intresting last names. "OMFGwhyALLnamesAreTaken99384 Resident"looks annoying on my screen.
  • G-team that responded to AR's 24/7. Not funny to wait 8 hours for LL to react to 300+ AR's against one griefer.
  • Some features removed from LSL.
  • Plenty of features missing from v2 that we had in v1. (these i will miss some day when im forced to use v2)
  • Several office hours.
  • Mature sims where i could smoke weed. Movies can show use of weed to 16years old. But in SL i need to go to zindra to enjoy it.
  • Functionality of old sandboxes. SVC-7033
  • Sploders. They were fun way to pass time at clubs.


Things i welcome:

  • All the new LSL stuff. llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast is so awesome.
  • The fix that prevented people to make no-mod script open source. Took over an year for LL to fix.
  • Avatar alpha layers, tattoo layers, multi attachments. (i get to enjoy these some day)
  • Shadows and added light sources. Mesh. (oh how cool it will be some year when v2 gets more ready)
  • LL finally started to actually remove stolen assets from the servers. 
  • The new water and sky is pretty.
  • Obolong sculpts.
  • ... and the list goes on. We get lot of fun new stuff in SL. Still feels kinda slow progress and LL lack sense of priorities. But something is better than nothing.
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The biggest loss to us was when we were no longer able to export our content.

Biggest gain...hmm...sculpted prims...they're pretty wonderful, I think.


Edited to add that I agree with alpha layers being worthy. I think we are yet to see an explosion of creative avatar design that takes full advantage of this. I bet all the smart people are waiting for mesh to come first.

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  • Lindens

I miss when we could landmark a place before teleporting there. I used to build up grand lists of places to explore, one after another without having to clutter my screen with search and profile windows. In time after, the intermediary steps to copy SLurls were clunky as opposed to a one-click "add landmark to my inventory"-type thing.

It's often for this reason that I use inworld search sparingly compared to browsing the web externally and saving SLurls from Flickr and other sites I frequent, using my browser's bookmarks as an extended landmark catalogue— plus, it's a lot more visually expansive and rich. But I do like the new search test a lot more.

I was a part of Live Help, what Finrod refers to as "direct ingame support". It wasn't maintained just by Linden Lab Liaisons (anyone else remember that title?) but Residents as well. To this day, volunteers are ultra-important to a newcomer's first experience. This lives on both inworld and on these very forums. I know it's a big part of what got me to stay on in SL

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totally agree with Liisa Runo on every point.. would like to add one to things missed.. the way the search for items sold and transaction history worked on the old xstreets for merchants... all together and very easy to use. i could easily see who bought what of any product i sold at any time and how many were sold in a certain time period.. (without having to scroll through my 400+ items to see how the new release is doing on page 16 or so) whatever search i needed to see what sales were doing or easily deliver updates to everyone that bought a particular outfit.. little selfish and one sided point of view.. but hey.. it worked..

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