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dance animation deletion: intellectual property note

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That would be near impossible to track and facilitate. Many of the objects in our inventories are not even for sale any longer, often more then 1 person sells the same product and then there is the question as to where you send them to.  Not to mention the insane size of the database needed to do this along with the tracking systems that would need to be created.

They didn't even enforce IP blacklisting until a year ago.  I'm happy they are at least protecting content owners, even if my shoppers don't know how to come back and get my stuff.

So, at this point, why would I think it's a priority to send someone back into my store that has been busted with stolen content?

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Well, I can think of many reasons why it would be nice...but let's just hit the main points.

1. Most people who find themselves with 'deleted content' are not thieves and actually paid for what they had deleted. Or it was a gift from a friend and do you suspect every copy/trans present of being stolen by friends?  I do not.

2. Someone has to request the deletion for IP reasons and prove it to LL.  Logically, that same person would benefit from folks like me who are charmed by the missing item and now would like to buy it for genuine legal copy.

3. Declaring your rights to IP presumes the inventory still matters, even if not available or for sale. Perhaps interest in the item might revive now that illegal copies are gone.


Certainly, there is one person out there you don't want back in your store....but then, that person already knows who you are and knows how to copy your stuff.  Keeping your identity from that person doesn't protect you at all.

Keeping it from the rest of us, just seems illogical.

But then, this is all new to me. I was curious. Thanks for responding.

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"Do you want the people with inventory removed to know which avatar (not your real life persons Identity) is filing?" and then a check box?

You know what the problem is? If someone knows an avatar can't log in they can make contact with ALL of those people and then you know many will still beleive the illegal user that is trying to adversely take the copyrights of the item? 

But, maybe they are a real life entity and do not have an alterantive and simply protect thier trademarks or copyrighted materials from the oddities that befal trademarks that can make them common knowledge and in common usage enough to not even mean a trademark, but a object name! For instance, the phrase "in SL, but not RL' has the component 'RL' and that means that ALL virutal worlds could be called SL by someone, out of ignorance OR due to things like opensims using thier SLness to become known as SL as well. The phrase Second Life might also get used so often it makes it NOT a trademark anymore. So, LL had to start enforcing it's TM by making bloggers, news guys or whomever puta  sing on there, plus they have a package of images and so on to help you out and make you look all official. It stops the phrase SL and Seocnd LIfe from becoming used for any kind of virtual world. Silly, but tis the law.

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Hi, Just came across your post.  I "think" the dance you are talking about could be one of the dances that was stolen from me.  It's called Buttweiser and can be found in my store THERE IN SPIRIT CLUB EQUIPMENT A, There In Spirit (128, 127, 27).  Check out my picks (Dancing Lemon) for teleport :-) x


I do however agree that LL should provide in their notecard they send a mention of the creator that the dance was stolen from as this information is provided to LL when I raise a DMCA.

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OMG, fantastic!!
You are correct. That is exactly the dance I have missed so badly.
Terrific work and thank you Dancing Lemon for the tip. I know several friends who will be glad to find out this information. Such a great dance animation!

Found on marketplace:

(includes link to video animation at marketplace)

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