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Avatar Physics...worth the effort or not?!

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I really tried to enjoy the new physics...but when SL is laggy, it can do STRANGE things to physics and boobs! Boobs that either flatten like an OLD lady or bulge up like over blown balloons and freeze there! :( 

I am SO going back to Ascent! All I really got out of Phoenix was names of people and the names of music.... and any technical glitches really throw me off of the SL experience... so as long as Ascent is working, (even if it's Recent is broken) I am back with it!

I have a high end machine built FOR SL, a 6 mbps speed, latest Phoenix, tried different physics sets, re logging and so on... I am sure the technology will come round but having my body react to motion like it's a "water bed" and sloshes about is not my idea of something pretty or sexy.

Thanks for listening. I love SL - it means the world to me, but just had to vent a little on this new aspect.


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I don't really like them.  My body parts bounce around like jello; it doesn't look real at all. 

I may like it in the future when I get a lot of other more important things "tweeked" the right way for SL.  I have a lot of work to do, and things to learn.  So, physics are not a priority right now and I'm not going to bother with it right now.  Bouncing around like jello looks ridiculous the way it is as it stands right now. 



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